Announcements - 2009

Release Date Title Attachment
17/12/2009 Mt Webber Deposit Scoping Study Outcomes
17/12/2009 Chairman's Address to 2009 Annual General Meeting
02/12/2009 Special Haoma Mining Report on Bulk Ore Trial at Bamboo Creek
29/11/2009 Surface 'Rock Chip' Sample Assays from Bamboo Creek Tenement Indicate Extension of Spinifex Ridge Iron Ore
25/11/2009 New Hematite Zones Defined At Daltons JV
16/11/2009 Notice of Annual General Meeting
16/11/2009 Haoma Mining NL Annual Report For The Year Ended June 30, 2009
14/11/2009 Initial Iron Ore Mineral Resource Estimate For Mt Webber Hematite Deposit
31/10/2009 Activities Report for Quarterly Ended September 30, 2009
26/08/2009 Best Intersections to Date In Final Mt Webber Hematite Results
24/08/2009 Further Strong Hematite Intersections from Mt Webber
18/08/2009 Significant High Grade Hematite Discovery Confirmed At Mt Webber – Daltons JV
31/07/2009 Activities report for Quarter Ended June 30, 2009
22/06/2009 Significant Iron Ore Drilling Results At Mt Webber
25/05/2009 Haoma ASX Iron Ore Report on Mt Webber and Spinifex Ridge
04/05/2009 Activities Report for Quarter Ended March 31, 2009
19/02/2009 Silver & Gold from Pilbara Ores
03/02/2009 Activities Report for Quarter Ended December 31, 2008
29/01/2009 Chairman's Address to 2008 Annual General Meeting