Haoma Mining NL (Haoma) is not an ASX listed company.

Haoma Mining shares may be purchased and sold via a private share trading hub (Ecosystem) operated through PrimaryMarkets Limited (PrimaryMarkets).

Existing or prospective shareholders wishing to sell or purchase shares in Haoma must initially register their details via the PrimaryMarkets website at https://www.primarymarkets.com/trading-company/haoma-mining-nl/.

The online registration process is straightforward and following confirmation of registrant details buy/sell offers can be submitted to the platform for matching within the Haoma Ecosystem.

Buy and sell offers will be matched and settled in accordance with the Haoma Share Trading Rules for the Ecosystem as published on the PrimaryMarkets platform.

For additional information about the ecosystem click here.

PrimaryMarkets provide online support tools and have staff available to assist our shareholders in the process of placing offers into the Ecosystem.

The Haoma Mining office can also be contacted for assistance. Details below.

In conjunction with the creation of the Haoma Ecosystem, the Haoma share register moved to the PrimaryMarkets subsidiary, PrimaryLedger Limited (PrimaryLedger). This new registry is based on blockchain technology and will ensure completed share trade transactions can be quickly processed through the Haoma share register.

Shareholders seeking assistance or further information in relation to these new arrangements are welcome to contact the Company Secretary, Jim Wallace at +613 9224 5142 or via email at jim.wallace@roymorgan.com or Joti Singh at PrimaryMarkets +612 9993 4448 or via email at: js@primarymarkets.com.