Announcements - 2020

Release Date Title Attachment
14/09/2020 Haoma Mining Shareholder Update September 14, 2020
07/07/2020 Processing of Just-In-Time ore begins at Bamboo Creek
09/06/2020 Shareholder Special Report - Gold bullion produced from Bamboo Creek Tailings
02/06/2020 Haoma Mining Shareholder Update June 2, 2020
25/02/2020 Elazac Process test-work estimates 46.61g/t gold in ‘low grade’ Mt Webber iron ore
22/01/2020 Commencement of Bamboo Creek Vat Gold Leaching
15/01/2020 Resolute Mining sells Gold Mine at Ravenswood, North Queensland
15/01/2020 Haoma Mining Shareholder Update – Resolute Mining sells their Ravenswood Project and latest news from Bamboo Creek
09/01/2020 Cyclone Blake provides more than a year's supply of water to Haoma Mining's Bamboo Creek operations